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Gawain Mathews at Gawain Mathews Music Studio, San Pablo, California
Drew Pearce (Vocals No Isolation)
Jeff Desira (Vocals Under Sail)
Mark Constanzo (Sax No Isolation, Under Sail)
Kyle Capistrano (Drums)
Michael Fecskes (Cello)
Scott Lalor (Cover Design)
Marc Sloop (Web Design)
Johnn Murphy aka King Daddy
Sienna Victoria Myna Murphy
Zakk and Alaina Murphy
Chris Wall
Felicia Taylor Ballard
Gary Halter
Holli McClaskey Harvey
Bill Shepard
George Honey
Lynne Orweller
Rudolph Valentino Jones (Sentimental)
Lorene “Lo Ray” Reed
Tony Auston
Armando Rosales
Captain Robert Hunter McCreary
Catey McCreary
Abby McCcreary
Mark and Stacy Price
Teitzah Karys
Kevin and Maria Lalor
Mike and Louise Hertel
Amir Levy
Jenny Witous
Christian Slater
My family Dad and Darcy, Matt Jones, Brad Jones, Andrea Jones, Sierra Jones.

In Memory of Captain Robert Hunter McCreary of Under Sail

“My thoughts are with you, holding hands with your heart, to see you, only blue talk and love” is quoted directly from Earth Wind and Fire in their classic song, September in hommage to one of Captain Robert McCreary’s favorite bands. He sang Earth Wind and Fire songs as we sailed San Francisco Bay. Thank you Earth Wind and Fire for touching this person with your timeless music and deep lyrical impact on my friend “Bobby” - Leah